Laser-Cut DSLR

A 1:1 laser-cut DSLR model that fits on an A4-sized material.

Painting for NTU's 90th Anniversary

2nd Place, College of Engineering Construction Fence Painting Contest.

Kitchen Bar

My first wookworking project, made for kitchen renovation.

Origami Lamp: Spiral

A semitransparent paper forming a spiral which is creates a great gradient.

Urban Jungle

A cubic bonsai with plants sprouting from gaps between tiles.

Origami Lampshade

Lampshade made of a piece of folded paper.

NTUME T-shirt

Yearly T-shirt of the department of Mechanical Engineering.

Encounter: Music Video

Music Video of High School Graduation Song.

Shoe Rack

A simple shoe rack which also acts as a small bench.

Starry Night

Print from rubber board. A fish-eye-view of the nightsky in the wilds.